About Us

“Transform yourself, your family and your business with our Consulting Services”

We are a premier consultancy firm, which deals with matters specifically related to Family Owned Businesses and their Governance. We Consult, Counsel, Educate and Coach and have clients consisting of various business houses of India, ranging from small families of 3 members to large families of upto 40 members.

Our team of consultants have effective facilitation skills and rich experience of having worked with over 75 business families across India, UAE & Nepal.

Our Logo & Motto


The caterpillar represents many individuals, families and businesses trying to rise in life by climbing over others. What the caterpillar doesn’t realize and/or believe that it has the potential to transform itself into a butterfly where after it need not climb over anyone as it has developed the ability to fly to the destination of its choice. We see ourselves as the catalyst/trigger that could help you, your family and business to transform and significantly achieve higher levels of growth, success and happiness.

Our Mission

To catalyze transformation of individual & family businesses that result in significant value creation for individuals, families, businesses and society at large.

Our Vision

To be recognized as pioneers and leaders in the field of family governance in Asia.

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