CII Workshop on Sustained Happiness, Togetherness and Growth in Family Business

It has been observed that 96 % of the family businesses fail to survive beyond third generation. Also, the mortality rate of the family business after the death of the founder is very high. The practices and mechanisms adopted by the family businesses who have lasted for generations has been a topic of discussion. In light of the same, CII has conducted workshops to create awareness in the space of family governance for the past 15 years . During these workshops common challenges faced by family businesses have been discussed and debated. The CII members are also broadly aware that some of the Indian business families have gone in for a written family constitution which is an effective way of addressing the common challenges faced by family businesses. Some members have benefitted by operationalising the ideas discussed during these workshops.

Workshop Content and Coverage: We believe that Individual Happiness, Family Togetherness and Business Growth are deeply intertwined. Each affects the other two. The current workshop is designed to provide specific ways and means through which synergy between individual happiness, family togetherness and business growth is unleashed. The endeavor of the workshop would be to ensure that the participants experience a mind shift which would provide the impetus to some of the members moving forward from understanding the need of Alignment between these three spheres in a Family Business to taking action for this Alignment.

Keeping this in background CII is organising a focused Workshop on “Sustained Happiness, Togetherness and Growth in Family Businesses” on 18thDecember 2017, Noida.

    The workshop is designed to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Facilitate articulation of the needs of participants
  • Establish how creating a suitable family governance practice is the possible way to address the unique needs of participants.
  • Crystallize the barriers of converting knowledge into action.
  • Let the participants go back from the workshop with a clearer direction to move and commitment to act

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