Implementing the Family Constitution: What lies Ahead

A dream is only a dream until it’s turned into reality, a plan is only a plan until it’s executed; their commercial value is zero until then. But as soon as something is on the ground, the value gets created, people can see it, feel it and benefit from it.

Similarly, just writing rules and guidelines on a paper and calling it constitution is not enough. Creation of constitution is the creation of the framework for governance. The real journey is actually implementing it.

And it’s tough! Why? Multiple factors are involved, like, while creating the constitution, people feel overly enthusiastic and then not so thought through decisions bring practical hurdles in implementation (as simple as household expenses which are different for different cities/ countries, if not thought through while writing privileges, may cause problems later during implementation). People are also set in their old habits and as they say old habits die hard. No one wants to change for a bunch of guidelines specially if there are no immediate results and no task master to oversee progress.I feel that while creating the constitution is of utmost importance, it’s still the first 5% of the job, rest 95% is implementation.

If the business leaders could take a bit of reason, logic and systems (something as simple as creating a forum for dialogue and periodically using the same) from their business into their families, it could make the task of implementation a lot easier. Either family members on their own or with the help of Team Anil Sainani canimplement their Constitutions by facilitating effectiveness of bodies like Family Council and Family Business Board. At the surface level, this means planning the agenda for these meetings, ensuring focused conversations that lead to effective decisions and documenting them with the person responsible for implementing them. At a deeper level, we work on ensuring personal development, growth and expansion of each and every family member including enhancing ability of doing effective communication – the master skill for a happy family and successful business.

A constitution is something that is meant to perpetuate for generations to come, and for that, time and efforts are required; not only while creating it but throughout life: “Manasa – vacha – karmana”.

-By Richa Singh

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