Like all institutions, family businesses start up with an idea, a dream to do something worthwhile, to create value, to make a difference, to build something that would have a long-lasting impact.

It is indeed a painful reality that most of these businesses after achieving glorious success during the heydays of the founder fail to manage the challenges of growth and success and do not survive beyond 2-3 generations.

The complexities of growing business and the pressures of an ever-changing market get compounded as the next generation joins the business. At the family level, the arrival of in-laws post marriage of next generation brings in its own set of challenges which, if not deftly handled, over a period of time lead to weakening of family bonds. The inevitable and unresolved differences in opinions of family members get accentuated into conflict. The business landscape of all countries is full of corpses of what were once flourishing companies and pride of their owning families.

Against the depressing and overwhelming number of family businesses that fail to survive beyond few generations there is a very small minority of family businesses that have survived and grown through multiple generations over hundreds of years.

Their experience shows that it is indeed possible to ensure perpetuation and growth of family business over multiple generations. You can also do what others have done. All it requires is commitment and few simple and doable steps taken consistently over a reasonable period of time.

With our team’s experience with over 75 family businesses we can help you and your family set up the appropriate family governance systems that are most suited to your unique requirements. Our sincere endeavor is to facilitate alignment at three levels: a) Individual family members, b) Family and c) Business.

Each of our following services in some way or others would aid in enhanced happiness of individual family members, strengthening of family bonds of togetherness and enhancement of business robustness and performance. We would be the catalyst who would aid in preserving and growing your family business

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