Business Family Disputes

Written by Anil Sainani | Updated: Dec 12 2007, 05:59am hrs

Having been born and brought up in a joint business family, and now having taken up family business governance as a profession, I have long wondered what the root cause of disputes within business families is. These families are of importance to economies all over the world, and so this is a subject worthy of critical…

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Simplifying Family Governance

Written by Anil Sainani | Updated: May 9 2008, 04:54am hrs

Majority of the family business owners today in the country would be aware of the fact that family businesses across the world, while consistently delivering superior financial performance, fail on the test of sustainability. About less than 5% of family business across the world, reach fourth generation….

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Great Businesses, Unhappy Families

Written by Anil Sainani | New Delhi Last Updated at June 14, 2013 17:58 IST

Why is that business leaders fail to manage their own family dynamics? The recently reported differences in the leading business families of the country, which in some cases led to rather unpleasant incidents (the bitterness between the Ambani brothers, the filing of police case by one branch of Ranbaxy family…

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