Creating an effective board for the company

Time and again, especially at Family Business Conferences (like those held by ISB Hyderabad, CII FBN etc.), successful family business owners share how they have been able to build an Effective Board, which is a source of strategic advantage for the business. In this context, we could help you in the entire process by supporting:

  • Identifying the key drivers of business performance at the Group level and individual business level.
  • Identification of Skill Sets required for the business.
  • Identifying potential board members with relevant skill sets, experience and network.
  • Short-listing and getting on board the identified board members on agreed terms.
  • Induction of new board members and their seamless integration with the business.
  • Creation of relevant board committees (strategy, compensation, leadership development etc.).
  • Ensuring effectiveness of Board Meetings and Board Committees.