Family Constitution / Charter

“Family Constitution” is our most sought after and landmark product. It is a Geeta / Bible for the family for guiding all the family members in difficult times , for deriving strength from the inherent family values and experiencing what it means to be a prosperous family.

It’s a document which is created by the family and for the family and coming generations. Team Anil guides the client families through the process of developing policies, procedures and structures that are most appropriate for the unique requirements of their family and business. These policies, processes and structures then become the family constitution. The family constitution in turn facilitates the alignment of individual family members, family and business by providing a framework for decision making and resolving issues and differences that are bound to arise in the normal course of life of any family business.

Anil’s answers on the fundamental questions associated with Family Constitution

Why should a Family Business create a Family Constitution?

Do all Families need to create a Family Constitution ?

How long does it take to create a family constitution?

How is a Family Constitution created ?

Who all should be involved in creating a family constitution?