Implementation of Family Constitution

Handholding in running the family business governance systems

We believe that while creating a Family Constitution is indeed a landmark event – a significant accomplishment, it is akin to creating an architectural plan/design for building a house. Without a clear and beautiful plan/design one cannot build a beautiful house. However, the effort required in building the house will be manifold times the effort invested in creating the architectural plan/design. And then the house will require ongoing maintenance. Similarly, the efforts required for implementing the Family Constitution are significant and never ending.

We help families implement their Constitutions by facilitating/ensuring effectiveness of bodies like Family Council and Family Business Board. At the surface level, this means planning the agenda for these meetings, ensuring focused conversations that lead to effective decisions, documenting them with the person responsible for implementing them.

At a deeper level, we work on facilitating/ensuring personal development, growth and expansion of each and every family member including enhancing ability of doing effective communication – the master skill for a happy family and successful business.