The Book

BOOK: Triumph of Togetherness

by Anil Sainani with Rahul Pande

Triumph of Togetherness is an inspiring and thought-provoking book. This book teaches life lessons that can help one overcome any hurdles in life and more importantly remain  perpetually peaceful and happy.

It is easily relatable for everyone at individual, family and societal level.

The application of these life lessons portrayed and conveyed through the symbolic ant family make them practical, liveable and not far-fetched.

It’s a must read for anyone wanting to evolve as a human being.

An idea, a powerful thought is what begins a transformation and dares one to believe in his dream. This book has sown that idea in numerous minds.

Triumph of Togetherness, a moving story of an ant family, is a celebration of family values and team spirit. It vividly describes, in an uncomplicated manner, the process of cohesiveness and provides fresh yet timeless solutions to the universal challenges it brings along. While the story is set in the context of the family, it holds equally true for relationships in business – among and between promoters and professionals, government officials, sports person, different societal groups, nations and humanity at large.

Foreword by John L Ward , Clinical Professor of Family Enterprise,
Kellog School of Management at Northwestern University &
Former Wild Group Professor of Family Business at IMD,
Lausaane, Switzerland.

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Praise For Triumph Of Togetherness

Anil Sainani, one of India’s foremost experts on family business issues has consulted with several Indian groups including the Godrej Group. Triumph of Togetherness, very interestingly, in the form of a narrative in the ant family, describes problem and how solutions are arrived at in the family business matters. The book would be a very entertaining and informative read for everyone connected with family business.

Adi Godrej
Chairman, Godrej Group

Triumph of Togetherness is an excellent example of how an illustration speaks ten times more than narration. Mr Anil Sainani has taken the apposite analogy of ant , which is a paradigm for hard work and teamwork. Presentation of the problem in ant’s perspective is colourful. I am sure, the book will benefit immensely the people in family business.

GM Rao
Group Chairman, GMR Group

A fascinating story of unity that one can experience from beginning to end. Family business hardly survive three generations for want of mechanisms to sustain unity. The book is not only must read for all members of business families but is also a source of introspection and action for them.

Prof Kavil Ramachandran
Thomas Schmidheiny Chair Professor of Family Business and Wealth Management, Resident Faculty, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

The book is indispensable for any one embarking on or running family business or even partnerships. The lessons from this book are applicable for any extended family, as with or without any business tie-in, families must live harmoniously for the human spirit of the members of the family to blossom.

DVR Seshadri
Adjunct Faculty, IIM Bangalore

A simple narrative told powerfully and imaginatively on how to keep a family held together, and how they can enjoy being together. It should be read by not only family business that take the easy way out of separation, but also extended families that break up because they cannot or do not want to see other’s point of view.

Prof S Manikutty
Faculty, IIM Ahemedabad and co-author of the book Essence of Leadership: Explorations from Literature

The story of Kinkle the ant could easily be the story of the average business family, not just in India, but around the world. The same human strengths and frailties responsible for the rise and fall of many a business family are elegantly captured in this pithy and compact pictorial story. Anil Sainani has obviously been a keen follower of Indian family run enterprises over the years and this is clearly reflected in the fascinating journey of Kinkle the ant. With a brevity of words and clarity from pictures. Sainani has provided important lessons. Acute observations and would recommend it not just for business families but all those who delight in the idiosyncrasies of human nature.

Sunil Kant Munjal
Chairman, Hero Corporate Service Limited
Triumph of Togetherness Book Launch at New Delhi
Triumph of Togetherness Book Launch at New Delhi
Adi Godrej Launching Triumph of Togetherness Book in Mumbai

Book Triumph of Togetherness, Released by Adi Godrej
Triumph of Togetherness Book launch at Bangalore

New Delhi Book Launch Event

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