To Grow – Stop Resisting Reality! Accept “What is” and Start Working on it

The simple reality of life is that humans either grow, stagnate or decline in all dimensions of life – physical, financial, mental and emotional. And all normal human beings hugely prefer growth over stagnation and failure. Growth, very often means success and happiness, while stagnation and decline bring unhappiness and are seen as failures.

If you look around yourself you will find both kinds of people. Now what are the differentiating factors between these two categories of persons. There could be number of explanations, their genes, upbringing, hard work, their environment, market conditions, luck etc.

Funnily enough, most of failures keep resisting the reality – this resistance manifests itself as blaming and cursing others and at times oneself. They end up in struggling with reality which in itself is a kind of guarantee for failure and unhappiness.

That leads us to a deeper question – Why do we resist reality? I think it is because of two reasons. One, we erroneously believe that if we do not resist, the other person or situation will overwhelm and dominate us. And secondly, we just do it without any reason. Resisting reality over a period of time becomes a habit and people get addicted to the same.

So, the first and foundational step that you need to take for embarking on the journey of growth is to stop resisting the reality. Accept “what is” and start working on the same.

-By Anil Sainani

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